This was the age when makeup really came in. The lipstick tube among other advances in cosmetics made these glamour enhancing tools available to a much broader audience. Cheekbones were accented, lips were reddened, and complexions were cleared, often to excessive degrees. In fact one of the indications of a flapper (or young girl) at the time was too much makeup as the phenomenon kicked off with no holds barred.

Loose Dress, Loose Sash

As previously mentioned, the desired body type of the women in this era was slim and straight. This was made even more apparent by the dresses of the time. Unlike the highly ruffled and overly shaped women of the days before (much thanks to the contraptions they had to wear underneath their clothes) these women rebelled in a way that reflected their much looser morals. The dresses were not form fitting here and in fact had little form to them at all creating that beloved squares shape of the time. It was common to for women to wear a sash around their waists as if clutching at anything that would writhe in the wake of their dancing. The sash however wasn’t tightened around the midsection to who their hourglass figures, instead it was fastened loosely and sat on the hips defying its shaping abilities.


There was something about the wondrous properties of the shiny metals of the day that caused them to be plastered all over clothes. From head to toe these women were keen to sparkle in the night lights as each golden bead or silver tassel glared in the beams that hit them. It worked wonders against the dark colours that made up most of the other clothing, drawing attention to the places they desired, whether that be their cropped hair, their loose fitting dress flanks or their ankles which were now on display for all to see. The metals helped make the fashion of this time seem even more extravagant, as the dull tones that preceded it (and subsequently followed in the great depression) make the jazz age glimmer even more.

Backless Dresses
Backless Dresses

Backless Dresses

Once again, the dress is part of the iconic look, this time it was the lack of dress once again that made them revolutionary. As if revealing their feet and lower legs wasn’t quite enough to woo the males of the time, the shoulders and spines of these lovely ladies were now also revealed. With dresses hanging precariously from the narrow shoulder straps, oftentimes some females would look almost nude from the rear, some styles allowing a cut to fall all the way down to just shy of the posterior. In this way women could seduce suitors without even having to look in their direction.

Short Heels

Flats were out for the fun-loving youth of the ‘20s, two inch heels however were very much in. These short and stubby heels gave girls a little lift from the floor without once again putting them in pain as a result of a fashion. The women danced happily in this footwear that gave them a slightly pronounced posture but nothing to the toe breaking torture shoes of the past. Short heels were everywhere and were used day to day not just in their nights out.