The jazz age was a revolutionary time for everyone, yet young women in particular saw great changes to the way they lived in this new post war society. Freed from the shackles and restraints of previous years these women lived far more freely, quite literally even as the corsets that had choked females for years were done away with. The styles that came into popularity rose out of this bright new moment in time as forms of rebellion and pushing forward the status quo. What resulted is a dramatic shift in fashion that is now seen as a classic vintage look.

The change in nightlife here was equally due to prohibition which meant that anyone looking for a good time found themselves at a speakeasy. With illegal alcohol in their system and a hidden dancefloor the girls of the time made sure to shake their stuff to the live jazz that fed the rooms. In order to replicate the daring women of the 1920s you will need to include these vital components that were everywhere at the time.


It was as if the crustaceans of the ocean also became more abundant in this era as pearls were highly prevalent in this time. Dangling in elegant loops from headdresses or draped around a neck, pearls were a sign of class as they weren’t particularly cheap. Thanks to being tied to a thread and falling at the mercy of gravity, these strings of shiny white would exaggerate the movement of women on the dancefloor as they shook themselves like never before all over the hidden party scene. Pearls are a great addition of white to an outfit as monochrome was a particularly stylish trend, they would regularly pop off the surface of a dark dress.

Long Necklaces

It wasn’t just pearls that compromised the necklaces of jazz age females however, any necklace at this time it seemed was lengthy. Unlike the chokers of the past which wrapped closely around the throat, these accessories were made to accentuate the length of the body. Gone were the enhanced bosoms and pert behinds of the pre-war, the popular look of the jazz age was petite and long. By wearing necklaces that drooped straight down over their flattened torsos females could increase the visibility of their frame, which at the time was aimed towards being exceptionally rectangular.



As if to really make a scene when they decided to dance out their happiness, the designs of many dresses of this age included a great deal of tassels and adornments that dangled free. Every hemline and more were covered in these strips of material that would almost look featherlike, once a girl was twisting and shaking after a few drinks she became a blur. You only have to be in one of these dresses for a few minutes to notice just how much added movement these things give to everything you do, now imagine doing the Charleston at great speed or spinning three hundred and sixty degrees.