Dizzy’s Club

One of the most loved Jazz clubs around is Dizzy’s Club, an open room in a prime New York location. This club isn’t hidden underground through a passage like the old jazz clubs of the day but instead sits proudly on the 5th floor of a skyscraper. This wonderful vantage point means that not only do you get to hear some exquisite Jazz, but you can watch the musicians onstage while also getting an eyeful of the New York skyline that serves as a beautiful urban backdrop to the stage here. Overlooking central park this spot breathes New York as you will see the city lights begin to glow as the sun descends behind the huge buildings, all the while the free flowing Jazz that fills the air reinforces the concept that you are indeed sitting in the home of Jazz. The room itself is grand too as it seats many without being crowded, the high ceilings and round walls make you feel like you are at a grand concert here and not a sweaty underground bar. For a sense of something more elegant and truly New York centric, grab yourself something to eat here and spend all night soaking in the sights and sounds of the city.

Cornelia Street Café

For something a little different head to this little place in West Village for a laid-back Jazz atmosphere. This half bistro, half music bar opens out onto the street with outdoor seating creating a perfect place for New York people watching in the sun. Meanwhile indoors there is a fully stocked bar and bistro style, high seating areas for those grabbing a bite or drinking indoors. Its main event comes in the form of its basement where up and coming Jazz musicians frequently share their sounds. Opening its doors at 10AM and not throwing you out until 1AM it’s entirely up to you how long you intend to spend at this loveable location. This place is an ideal location for grabbing a tasty bite thanks to its extensive and decadent menu, all the while you never have to take a break from getting some Jazz in your system.


If you are really into emerging artists, this is the place you are going to want to find yourself at. This multifunctional space for practice, learning and performance is used by musicians at all stages of their career, however at night it becomes a wonderfully cutting edge spot for new groups to perform to small engaged audiences. Along with the future of New York’s Jazz scene Ibeam isn’t a stranger to acts that are world renowned either. Thanks to its compact space and flexibility as a place to hone skills as well as collaborate, artists big and small find this Brooklyn location perfect for spending their afternoons and evenings. With a Grand Piano that fills the stage and a modern sound system in place for perfect audio quality this versatile music space has become a profoundly useful breeding ground for progressive artists and at the same time a modern space to come and view them at work.