Blue Note

Founded in the 80s this club was built with a vision to bring more Jazz to the Greenwich area and this is something it can successfully say it has accomplished. With a fantastic reputation that is grown by review from new fans each week the Blue Note continues to be a foundation for Jazz both classical and contemporary in the area. Do yourself a favour and grab a table where you can indulge in some shrimp, ribs, and more while some of the best bands and soloists play up on stage. This club is popular with several celebrities too with famous faces popping up in the crowd often and regularly asked to join the band on stage. This means you might just get a free gig by Stevie Wonder or Quincy Jones without expecting it at all. What’s great about the Blue Note is that although it clearly has a dedication to the storied time of Jazz in New York it isn’t afraid of treading new ground with new music acts that sometimes break convention. With new talent such as the incredible percussionist Weedie Braimah who is known for his lightning fast palm work on the Djemebe,  as well as Cimafunk who delivers very danceable mix of African and Cuban music together for something quite unique, the Blue Note is sure to keep fans of new music engaged weekly too.

Village Vanguard

Highly rated in the area is this club with regular line-ups that play to delighted audiences behind an unassuming front on the New York streets. This filled underground bar brings new bands from the area and beyond to the stage all week round to the softly lit and vintage decorated live room. Expect this place to get busy quickly, heading here earlier rather than later is a good idea if you want to grab a seat or even more rare a table. The tradition here is that every Monday night their house band the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra will pack the small stage with players and fill your ears with jazz goodness, something it has done since the 60s.


Competing for the crown of best Jazz club in Greenwich Village is Smalls. This more intimate location should not deter you from attending, this club was formed from a basement and has since grown to great renown. While fighting the other genres of popular music and the economic downfall that struck the city after 9/11 Smalls has managed to continue bringing Jazz to the ears of any patrons in the area. If you want to experience a cosy Jazz bar where the music fills the air this place is going to tick all your boxes. You can stay here until the early hours of the morning as musicians play eagerly all night long, perfect for night owls. Smalls now documents all of its shows and has archives of the performances that have graced its stage for fans to return to. Members of the club can even live stream shows online so that you can enjoy everything about the club even when you can’t attend.

Jazz club
Jazz club